Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hello Everyone!

Hello and thank you for joining my blog. I am working on tweaking my blog to improve the look of it, and being new to blogs, I am still figuring out how everything works. I hope you like the content so far. Don't forget to check out my pictures at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dollar Tree store finds

The below are my latest dollar store finds. You may be familiar with some of them already.

Dollar Store Finds 5

Above is two packages of foil embossed stickers. You could use these as food containers or picture frames. If anyone has a different idea, let me know.

Dollar Store Finds 4

I received one of the above containers in a filled box swap. The woman had cut down the plastic container to about the height of an under bed box and filed it with mini scrapbook stuff, including a label. It was so cute! I had to ask her where she got the container. I also got these 12 oz. containers with colored dough from Dollar Tree. They come in a 6 pack. You can use the clay AND you the containers once empty. The containers would be great for storage or you can cut them down. You will find them in the toy section.

Dollar Store Finds 3

The above is a Nail Art Kit I found in the health and beauty section of The Dollar Tree store. It comes with 120 real tiny gems in different colors! You can use these to make jewelery for your female dolls or for a boutique or whatever. They would work as gems for necklaces. Or you could use them for decoration on something like a mini purse.

Dollar Store Finds 2

This aquarium above, which is sold in the toy department of the Dollar Tree store, may be a little big but could work in a restaurant setting. But, I think it could work in a dollhouse. If you think about it, some aquariums that people have in their homes are big. My next door neighbors use to have an aquarium that held I think 50 gallons and nearly took up one whole wall! Many of you have probably seen or heard of these cute aquariums before as they have been around for awhile. You could take out the stuff and put in your own fish and decor.

Dollar Store Finds 1

I have been asked by some of you for pictures of some of my dollar store finds, so here are the latest ones. The picture above is one of I think twelve or so. These cute little 1 inch sized clear containers with lids can be used to store craft supplies, minis or perhaps you can make something from them?? If anyone has any ideas, let me know.