Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Re:My latest challenge: What can this be?

Thank you to everyone who responded with some great ideas for what I can do with the wooden structure below. I am pondering the possibilities, and will let you know what I decide, but I am leaning towards.......a museum!

Monday, June 15, 2009

My latest challenge: What can this be?

I bought this structure at a garage sale for $2.00! The couple's son had made in school and got an A+ for it. I had first asked her if it was a dollhouse or a birdhouse, and she said it could be whatever I wanted it to be. Now, help me figure out what to do with it. It is a one room structure, and the doorway is too wide for a typical dollhouse door. It is well made. Thank you for your comments and suggestions for my last challenge, the container that my mother's watch had come in. I am still weighing all the options, but it will probably be shed or some kind of storage container, maybe a storm shelter.

New Miniature Finds

In the picture above are cute little mini pottery I bought in a bag for .99 cents at a local thrift store. They are for decorating an aquarium. I figured that I could paint them and make them southwest...or other themed.
Also bought cheap at a garage sale, this will look cute with the lid removed and filled with dried flowers.
Skull material, bought for fifty cents at a garage sale. I think I will use in my haunted dollhouse.
Look what ten cents bought me at a garage sale! It is perfect size for my dollhouse little boy...or perhaps one of the grandfathers.
I bought this cute little bunny and stroller at a garage sale REAL cheap. I think I am going to take the bunny out and use it in one of my dollhouses for the little girl. I will use the bunny elsewhere.
The above picture frame is a deep picture frame. It is BIG. I am going to put in some kind of miniature scene in it.
I bought this picture frame from a garage sale. It also has a deepness to it. I am thinking of taking out the glass and making some kind of mini scene and gluing the glass or plexiglass over the front.

Miniatures I have made

I made the above purse for a purse swap. It was made mostly from ribbon.
I made the bear above for a toy swap. They are easy to make BUT they take patience.
Though it may be hard to see, the above are placemats I made from weaved ribbon I got on sale at Wal-Mart for $1.00!
I made the above for a garage theme swap. In case you cannot see the cans very well, I made two paint cans, one spray paint can and a gallon of KILZ.
The picture above is what I made for an online Women's swap. Includes a purfume bottle, nail poilish, brush with the brushes painted black and liquid makeup. I glued everything to a mirror and a white poker chip.
I simply glued some flowerly trim around a straw hat.