Sunday, December 6, 2009

Greetings to everyone!

Sorry I have not been on my blog lately. I had a health problem going on and my USB port is litterly broken somehow on my laptop. I could not use the other computer because it had some computer virus on it and I had to wait until my husband could "fix" it. Now, I think it has ANOTHER virus on it! So much for virus protection! I just finished putting the finishing touches on my doctor's office (picture was posted about a month ago on this blog) for the judging that will be coming up in the Small World Daytimers Club. In case you are new to this blog or don't remember, each member in my dollhouse miniature club was given a roombox made of white foamcore to create whatever miniature scene they wanted and they will be judged at the December meeting this coming week. I will be posting updated pictures soon! The Small World Daytimers Club is also having a Christmas gift exchange in which we buy or make a gift with a $10.00 value. I made a Corn Hole game! The bean bags have tiny beads in them. Corn Hole is a big deal here in the Midwest. It is a bean bag toss game in which you toss your bean bag through the hole on a piece of wood. I will add a picture of the Corn Hole game too. I hope you are finding the time during this Christmas season to work on your miniatures. Many of us decorate our dollhouses for Christmas. I have many mini decorations for my dollhouses! Even lights! I usually don't do a lot of outside decorating on my dollhouses because my two youngest cats LOVE to play with my miniatures!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Minis I have made

This is a small plastic doll glued on a disc with a gum ball dome.
I made this pair of sandals from thin foam, flowered beads and straight pins.

Dollhouses Sold

The Alison Jr.
log cabin
Thanks to Ebay, I sold my Alison Jr. dollhouse made by Real Good Toys to a woman from Pennslyvannia. When she came to pick up the dollhouse recently, she also bought my log cabin dollhouse! Since she came so far, I sold it to her for $35. I was just happy to have sold these two dollhouses, as I am overrun with dollhouses!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Small World Daytimers Club meets the owner of The Susan Marie Manor

For those of you who have the October 2009 issue of Miniature Collector, check out the dollhouse which is pictured on the front cover. Recently, my club, The Small World Daytimers were invited to come to the home of Chris Speltz and view the dollhouse she and her daughter decorated. The dollhouse is quite a masterpiece!

Bowling Pin Trophy I Made

This is a picture of the bowling pin trophy I made I made for a Gold Swap with one of my online miniature group. The instructions for this trophy were published in one of the NAME Gazettes earlier this year.

Interesting Mini Find at local card store!

I found this cute keyboard and stand while at a local card and gift shop. When I bought it, it had a cord attached on both sides of the keyboard attached with a screw on each side. I think it was being sold as a Christmas tree ornament. They had a few other musical instruments but this was the only one that was 1:12 scale size. I simply took off the string and screws and tried it out with one of my male dolls. Seems to look great! I think I will put in one of my dollhouses!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Greenleaf's Garfield Dollhouse bought for $15!

I just wanted to share that I bought the American Greenleaf Garfield dollhouse (10 rooms) from Craig's list for an incredible $15!! Actually, it was $17 since the lady didn't have enough change for my $20 bill, but that was fine with me. It is partially built, but still has tons of pieces to glue on. It will be a fun project this winter. I just don't know where I am going to put it! Has anyone built one? Any advice? Since I love the modern look, that will be how it will be decorated. Maybe an old house updated? Maybe a new house made to look that way? I will eventually post pictures here very soon of how it the completed part looks, and will continue to post pictures as I proceed with finishing it. Had to drive about 30-40 miles north or so to get it but it was well worth it!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

More Theme Wreaths To Come

For those who like my wreaths, I will be creating new themes. I have not been able to find any Christmas confetti as of yet, but as Christmas gets closer, I should be able to find some. I also will be adding the following themes: Flower Garden, It's A Boy, It's A Girl, Happy Birthday. Down the road I hope to add: Christmas, Easter and Independence Day/Memorial Day.

Miniature Wreaths

Smiley Flower Wreath (sorry, this picture is sideways)
Summer Wreath
Football Wreath
St. Patrick's Day Wreath (sorry, the picture is sideways)
Valentine Wreath
Fall Wreath
Halloween Wreath
I made these wreaths from scratch. I bought the woody vine strips in a bag from Flower Factory for about $2.00! Then, I glued on confetti to make themed wreaths. If you are interested, I will sell them for $5 each, $1.50 for shipping. If interested in ordering a wreath, email me at: and let me know which wreath you want.

Monday, August 24, 2009

New Project: Doctor's Examination Room

A couple of the ladies in my Small World Daytimers Club made roomboxes from foamcore sheets. We have been given the challenge of creating any kind of room we want and we will have a contest in a few months for the best roombox. I had wanted to do a doctor's exam room and had been saving up items for several months and figured "why not?" I am NOT done with this scene yet, but I will post more pictures when it is completed. I made the scale from a razor as well as the trash can from a toothbrush cover and the sharp container. On the top of the cabinets is a model of a brain. It is actually an eraser I got from a health fair that I painted and glued to a "base" which was a cap from something. Still to make: examination table and x-ray illuminator and a magazine rack. I also need to put the skeleton in the room.

Meet another miniature, my new kitten Sandi

We got her August 6th. She was 6-7 wks. according to the vet. Except for fleas and worms, she is doing fine and loves to eat.

More Garage and Rummage Sale Finds

Route 66 Salt and Pepper Shaker set. I bought this for $5.00 from a garage sale. It is about 1 inch scale size.
This is an unopened Mickey Mouse counted cross stitch with oval frame. The frame is about 2.5 tall and about 2 inches wide. If I can ever figure out how to stitch it, I will hang it in my future toy shop.
I bought this doll at a church rummage sale for 10 cents! She was naked and her hair was a mess. I cut her hair, washed her and put clothes and shoes on her. For some reason, she seems to have one leg slightly longer than the other one. She is about 6 inches tall.
These resin dress forms are about 6.5 to 7 inches tall.
Not sure where I will use this wooden old woman. She stands about 6 inches tall.
This is one of those pencil sharpeners that I painted black and sprayed with a clear matte.

Monday, August 10, 2009

My Boutique Roombox Won First Place in the Roombox Category!

I entered my boutique roombox for the first time ever this year at the Three Blind Mice Show in Dayton, OH. I was overjoyed to find out on Sunday that I had won a first place ribbon for my roombox in the roombox category! If you would like to see some close up pictures of this roombox, just page down below. I posted some not long ago.

Pictures from the Dayton Three Blind Mice Show

The above pictures were taken this past weekend at the Three Blind Mice Show in Dayton, OH. I worked for four hours at my club table on Saturday. Sales were down this year, but as always, it was a lot of fun, and a lot of hard work and very tiring.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Three Blind Mice Show this weekend in Dayton, OH

My club, The Small World Daytimers Club, will have two tables at this show! I will be manning the table for part of the day on Saturday! If you can, come out and see what my club has made to sell. Saturday August 8, 2009 - Sunday August 9, 2009 from 9:00am - 3:00pm Hara Arena 1001 Shiloh Springs Rd Dayton, Ohio 45412 This is the 30th year here in Dayton, Ohio for the Three Blind Mice Dollhouse and Miniature Show. Lots of extras going on and classes starting on Friday, Aug 7,2009. Please visit our website at for information on classes/workshops, sales, exhibits or call Sally at the Small World Dollhouse Shop 1023 Patterson Rd., Dayton, Ohio 45420 (937) 256-8227 or Linda Frye at (513)861-0704. Show hours Saturday Aug 8 from 9am to 4pm and Sunday Aug 9 from 10am to 3pm. Free demos all weekend. Make it and Take it Projects all day Saturday and Sunday. There is something for everyone men, women, children of all ages. Come and have fun in the miniature world. Ticket Info: $5.00 Adults, $2.00 children 5-15, and under 5 free.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Southwest Roombox

Southwest scene. I glued in and grouted the tile floor.

Picnic Scene using an aquarium

I created this outdoor cookout scene using a ten gallon aquarium I got for free! It was brand new, someone had in their garage left from the previous owner. In the scene is a sand box, wagon, ring toss game, dog, cat, barrel with cold coke, six pack of beer, 12 pack of Coke, Lemon pie, cookies, etc.