Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Small World Daytimers Club meets the owner of The Susan Marie Manor

For those of you who have the October 2009 issue of Miniature Collector, check out the dollhouse which is pictured on the front cover. Recently, my club, The Small World Daytimers were invited to come to the home of Chris Speltz and view the dollhouse she and her daughter decorated. The dollhouse is quite a masterpiece!

Bowling Pin Trophy I Made

This is a picture of the bowling pin trophy I made I made for a Gold Swap with one of my online miniature group. The instructions for this trophy were published in one of the NAME Gazettes earlier this year.

Interesting Mini Find at local card store!

I found this cute keyboard and stand while at a local card and gift shop. When I bought it, it had a cord attached on both sides of the keyboard attached with a screw on each side. I think it was being sold as a Christmas tree ornament. They had a few other musical instruments but this was the only one that was 1:12 scale size. I simply took off the string and screws and tried it out with one of my male dolls. Seems to look great! I think I will put in one of my dollhouses!