Friday, November 18, 2011

Garfield The Cat Book Scene

The latest club project the members of The Small World Daytimers Club were given was to create a scene of a favorite book using one of those paper mache books. After starting to create a bakery I was not happy with, I decided to create one using some of my Garfield and Odie cake toppers. I entered it at this past summer's Three Blind Mice Show and Sale in Dayton, Ohio and won Honorable Mention.

Temporal Deleting of my Cat Purrfiles Blog

Due to the conflict of Susan's Mini Talk and Cat Purrfiles sharing the same email address, something I didn't think would be a problem when I first created my cat blog, I have deleted Cat Purrfiles for awhile, but hope to re-create it soon. For you cat lovers, stay tuned.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Can you Identify this Dollhouse??

I bought this dollhouse recently at a garage sale for $10.00!! I took it apart and removed all of the old wallpaper. Then, I replaced the old screws and put it back together. I am repainting and putting in new wallpaper. The woman said that the dollhouse if from the 1940's, however, I have not found it anywhere mentioned on the internet nor in any of my big vintage dollhouse books. If anyone can tell me the maker of this dollhouse and if it is valuable, please let me know. Also, there are two round holes in the back of the dollhouse through the floor and ceiling. Not sure why.

Latest Miniature Find

I bought this at a local church rummage sale for $5.00!! It is a Lundby. The inside is not in too bad of condition, but the outside needs to be re-done. Still have not figured out if I am going to keep it once it is rehabbed or if I will resell it.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Announcing New Cat Blog!

It seems that many dollhouse and miniature lovers I know are also cat lovers, so I am announcing my new cat blog! If you are also a cat lover, check out my new blog. I will be adding new pictures soon, so check back often. Thank you!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Inside / Outside Project

The club project for the Small World Daytimers Club for December was an indoor/outdoor scene. Everyone came up with a different idea. One lady's theme was gardening, another lady's theme was a bunny birthday party just to name a few. Mine was a mix of romantic indoor and outdoor patio. My new favorite color is pink so I chose pink as the indoor romantic room scene, using things I already had. For the outdoor patio, I hand laid each brick using glue and mortar. Although I did not win the contest for first, second and third prize, I still like my scene and plan to exhibit it this coming summer here in Dayton (Ohio) at the Three Blind Mice Dollhouse and Miniature Show in August.