Monday, April 23, 2012

I bought these dolls at Tuesday Morning in the toy department.  They were only $3.00 each except for the Barbie doll.  All dolls are about 6 inches tall and work great in a 1 inch scale scene or dollhouse.  All clothing is removable and the dolls and the hair is movable.  

Here is a miniature water dispenser I made.  The main parts of the dispenser are the clear blue caps that come on some brands of bottled water.  I got this idea online from a woman who makes most of her miniatures from found objects and dollar store items.  She comes up with some amazing homemade miniatures.

Hallmark Christmas Ornaments From Christmas 2011

Below are some cool mini house ornaments I got last Christmas.  I forgot to post them last Christmas.

I am posting pictures of the doll family and the furniture that I bought with the Worthington dollhouse for $40.00.  What a great deal, hu?