Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Garfield Greenleaf Dollhouse: The back

This is the back of The Garfield. It is a 10 room dollhouse that is full of possibilities. I am doing some kitbashing, especially with the third floor. Check back again for more updated pictures. I will also be adding close up pictures of the other rooms in a week or less.

Garfield Greenleaf Dollhouse: The Living Room and Dinning Room

I just love this living room! I used brown felt for carpet. In the dinning room, I used mini hardwood flooring. I made a seat cushion for the window seat from foam and covered it with white fabric. I also glued on long gold beads under the window seat to give the impression that the bottom drawer pulls out for storage.

Garfield Greenleaf Dollhouse: The Kitchen

For the kitchen,
I bought a 12x12 sized tile for less than a dollar and cut it up into 1 inch square pieces to cover the kitchen floor. I used paperclay to fill in the gaps.

Miniature Stable at Michael's

I bought this miniature stable at Michael's for around $5.99 or so. I am going to kitbash it and make it into a shed for one of my dollhouses. Stay tuned for the finished product!

Erasers Sold at Hallmark Stores

This is a mini cake eraser I got my at my local Hallmark store for $1!
I also bought this basketball eraser for $1! It is pretty much 1:12 scale size!

Valentine's Day Puffy Stickers

I found these at my local Kroger grocery store. They were half off. They are little pillow like stuffed cloth hearts with a removable sticker on the back. I bought them to use in my dollhouses. They make perfect mini bed pillows.