Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kitten in a dollhouse

Awwwww, so cute!
I got this picture as part of an email today, and I had to post it on my blog. I have some pictures of my own cats in my dollhouses that I will post.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Garage Sale Find

I bought this cute Fisher Price car at a garage sale for 25 cents!!! I took off the stickers, removed the goo and cleaned it up. I wanted to take it apart and repaint it green, but it is glued together so well that I can't get it apart. I will probably have to just do a really good job of taping off the areas I don't spray painted in order to paint it. I thought about using some kind of primer on it and trying to paint it with regular craft paints. Any suggestions???

Homemade Mini Bed

I made this bed awhile back to put into my log cabin.

Recent Swaps I made

Sorry the cat mat is on the side, don't know why it came out that way. I made these in multiple colors for a swap. They are made from colored foam and stickers.
The basket on the left holds shells. The basket on the right holds towels and a bottle of shampoo.
The above shows neon signs I made for a swap.

Boutique Roombox

The pictures above are of my boutique roombox I created about 6 months ago. It is in lighted roombox I bought at a garage sale for $12! It originally had a Christmas scene in it, but I changed the wallpaper and paint and created the boutique.