Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I got published!

For those of you who are members of NAME, look in the latest Miniature Gazette that just came out. Two of my miniature projects that I submitted got printed. I still have not received my copy of the Miniature Gazette, so I don't know what pages my projects are on. One of my projects is a bowling trophy and the other one is an Oreo type cookie. They are very easy to make!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Click Here for "The Museum of Miniature Houses" website in Carmel, IN

The above picture is a dollhouse that is housed in an outdoor display case against the side of The Museum of Miniature Houses in Carmel, IN which is just north of Indianapolis. If you have never been to this museum, I highly recommend you take a trip there and see it for yourself. They told me that they change around the displays a couple times a year or so. Again, I took more pictures than I could post here on the blog. Some did not turn out well due to lighting issues. You will just have to trust me that it was worth the visit!

The NAME National Convention: Some pictures of other miniature displays

Here are some nice roomboxes that were on display at the convention.

The NAME National Convention: Some Pictures of picnic shelters

These are just a sample of what some people did with a picnic shelter kit they were provided with. There were many more! I got A LOT of pictures, too many to load on my blog!

The NAME National Convention in Indianapolis, IN

I spent the weekend in Indianapolis to attend NAME's 2009 National Convention. There were about 70 dealers (more or less), with many vendors only selling 1/2 or 1/4 scale miniatures. I am told "by those in the know" that 1/2 and smaller scales are becoming more popular, especially for those of us who are litterly running out space for our miniatures. I will stick with 1 inch scale, myself, as it is my preferred scale size. I didn't spend as much as I normally would at a regular show, but I did get the chance to see some dealers I had never seen before, thus seeing miniatures I had never seen before. Several members of my club, Small World Daytimers Club, also attended the convention as well. I think everyone enjoyed themselves. I will be posting pictures very soon! Keep checking back!