Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Welcome New Followers

Welcome new followers! I am finding that there are a lot of great miniature related blogs out there, more than I ever thought! I just joined a bunch more. I love seeing what other people are doing out there!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Interesting Miniature Finds

Thanks to a blog follower of mine, I now remember where I bought these key covers above. I bought them at Books and Company (book store). They also own Books A Million. They were on the clearance table. They are soft plastic. I thought they would make great miniature shirts on a hanger.
I recently went to a strawberry festival in Ohio, and they were throwing away thousands of these. I asked if I could have some, and they let me have all I wanted, of course, I could not carry home ALL of them, but my mother and I stacked them and carried home a bunch of them. My husband must have thought I was crazy! Other than fences and windows, any new suggestions??? We are going to use some at our show this summer.

Small World Daytimers Club Mini Projects

The picture above is a dress made from a fancy handkerchief. The picture below is the back of the dress.
The picture above is a hat and parasol made from the handkerchief.
The picture above is a dress I made which is glued to the dress form we painted in the club. The bottom picture is the back of the dress.
I made the table above also in the Small World Daytimers Club.
This is one of the latest projects we made in the club. It is a tiny baby stroller made from a dowel rod.
Sally, our club president and owner of Small World, gave us all a naked ceramic child doll to dress and wig as we choose. I am not good at wigging dolls, so I gave the doll simple pony tails.