Thursday, September 10, 2009

More Theme Wreaths To Come

For those who like my wreaths, I will be creating new themes. I have not been able to find any Christmas confetti as of yet, but as Christmas gets closer, I should be able to find some. I also will be adding the following themes: Flower Garden, It's A Boy, It's A Girl, Happy Birthday. Down the road I hope to add: Christmas, Easter and Independence Day/Memorial Day.

Miniature Wreaths

Smiley Flower Wreath (sorry, this picture is sideways)
Summer Wreath
Football Wreath
St. Patrick's Day Wreath (sorry, the picture is sideways)
Valentine Wreath
Fall Wreath
Halloween Wreath
I made these wreaths from scratch. I bought the woody vine strips in a bag from Flower Factory for about $2.00! Then, I glued on confetti to make themed wreaths. If you are interested, I will sell them for $5 each, $1.50 for shipping. If interested in ordering a wreath, email me at: and let me know which wreath you want.