Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Small World Daytimers Club Donated a dollhouse

Last summer, a dollhouse was donated by the Small World Daytimers Club to the local YWCA's battered women and children's shelter. I had bought an opened dollhouse kit at a local church rummage sale for the unbelievable price of $1.00, not knowing if the kit was complete, but I found out later on that it was missing some parts. Last spring, I donated the dollhouse kit to the club, seeing what we can do with it. We decieded to donate it to the local battered women's shelter. Club President and store owner, Sally Miller, had her son-in-law make the missing pieces for the dollhouse. Club members helped to assemble, paint and decorate the dollhouse as well as donate and buy furniture for the dollhouse. By the summer, we were finished with the dollhouse and myself and another club member, Sallie Brown, delivered the dollhouse to the shelter, on behalf of the entire club. The staff of the YWCA were so impressed with the dollhouse that they proudly placed the dollhouse in a glass display case for visitors to see. In the fall, my mother and I were asked to be keynote speakers for an annual fundraiser the YWCA puts on since we are survivors of abuse and spent time at the shelter in the late 1970's. The staff had the donated dollhouse on display at the fundraiser for all 300 guests to view. In my speech, I mentioned the dollhouse and all the time my club had spent on fixing up and decorating the dollhouse. I spoke about this wonderful hobby, which to me is more than a hobby. After the event, some people walked over to look at the dollhouse and were really impressed. Donating and giving is good for the soul. And, in this case, will bring some comfort to children who are hurting and away from home.

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m1k1 said...

A nice story.
I hope the dollshouse gets to be played with at some time in the future.