Monday, June 22, 2009

Interesting Miniature Finds

Thanks to a blog follower of mine, I now remember where I bought these key covers above. I bought them at Books and Company (book store). They also own Books A Million. They were on the clearance table. They are soft plastic. I thought they would make great miniature shirts on a hanger.
I recently went to a strawberry festival in Ohio, and they were throwing away thousands of these. I asked if I could have some, and they let me have all I wanted, of course, I could not carry home ALL of them, but my mother and I stacked them and carried home a bunch of them. My husband must have thought I was crazy! Other than fences and windows, any new suggestions??? We are going to use some at our show this summer.


Judy said...

Maybe it will be in a smaller scale, but, after cutting out some sections, it looks like those arched side walls along outdoor hallways in old buildings. I hope you can visualize what I'm describing. I don't know what the architectural term would be.

Anonymous said...

How about using it as a frame for a church...fill some arches in with stonework on wood or card, leaving some arches covered with acetate printed with a stained glass window design, create a doorway, add base, roof, spire.... said...

Meg here from Australia: I suggest you use them upside down as a circus cage with a plastic lion or tiger.. YOu could add them to a circus room box with trapeze and maybe performing horses (easier to find ) visit me at