Sunday, August 2, 2009

Garage and Rummage Sale Finds

Small Styrofoam balls and Halloween sequence confetti. I am going to glue the Halloween confetti to mini twig wreaths with thin ribbon for Halloween wreaths.
Any ideas for these capped tubes??
Packets of beads, each 10 cents each!
I got these glass paints and fabric dimensional paints for 10 cents each!
I got a whole bag of these for real cheap. Any ideas on how I can use them???
These napkin rings were $1.00. I was thinking about making them into planters.
Here is Halloween ribbon that I can make into bags, gold presents and decorative snow. All of this was dirt cheap!
All this 6 inch doll needs is a cleaning, hair cut and some clothes. I am going to spray paint the table and use in my Michael's half inch scale house. The table and shirt were 10 cents each! The doll was 50 cents.
I found this in the toy section of a local church rummage sale. I think I will redo it with some paint and make other changes. This was $1.50.


Anonymous said...

Wow - did you ever get a lot of great stuff. I am never lucky at finding things at rummage sales or thrift shops. Those plastic tubes look like the right size for golf bags. Or holders for garden tools in a garage or basement.

Elaine said...

Looks like you hit the jackpot,,, those plastic tubes could be use for plant stands or bottoms for tables, if they arent too tall.