Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Small World Daytimers Club meets the owner of The Susan Marie Manor

For those of you who have the October 2009 issue of Miniature Collector, check out the dollhouse which is pictured on the front cover. Recently, my club, The Small World Daytimers were invited to come to the home of Chris Speltz and view the dollhouse she and her daughter decorated. The dollhouse is quite a masterpiece!


Anonymous said...

Im quite green with envy that bathroom is gorgeous, I guess she had it specially made?
Is there any other pics of the house at all anywhere as I would love to see more.
I dont get the books as I really cant afford them so wont be able to see it there either.
Thanks Susan for posting.
Its really a lovely home.

Cheery Theresa

Cate and David said...

What wonderful photos! A gorgeous house!

Anonymous said...


Its a wonderful house..A must have!!!

Do you by any chance know the DH name and where to buy it, maybe even the price...

Thank you for kind help


dales_dreams said...

Wow, that house is incredible, what a treat that must have been to see it in person. :)