Sunday, December 6, 2009

Greetings to everyone!

Sorry I have not been on my blog lately. I had a health problem going on and my USB port is litterly broken somehow on my laptop. I could not use the other computer because it had some computer virus on it and I had to wait until my husband could "fix" it. Now, I think it has ANOTHER virus on it! So much for virus protection! I just finished putting the finishing touches on my doctor's office (picture was posted about a month ago on this blog) for the judging that will be coming up in the Small World Daytimers Club. In case you are new to this blog or don't remember, each member in my dollhouse miniature club was given a roombox made of white foamcore to create whatever miniature scene they wanted and they will be judged at the December meeting this coming week. I will be posting updated pictures soon! The Small World Daytimers Club is also having a Christmas gift exchange in which we buy or make a gift with a $10.00 value. I made a Corn Hole game! The bean bags have tiny beads in them. Corn Hole is a big deal here in the Midwest. It is a bean bag toss game in which you toss your bean bag through the hole on a piece of wood. I will add a picture of the Corn Hole game too. I hope you are finding the time during this Christmas season to work on your miniatures. Many of us decorate our dollhouses for Christmas. I have many mini decorations for my dollhouses! Even lights! I usually don't do a lot of outside decorating on my dollhouses because my two youngest cats LOVE to play with my miniatures!

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kathi said...

Merry Christmas Susan! I have really enjoyed reading your blog this year!
Thanks for all of your inspiration too!