Monday, May 17, 2010

The Garfield House: Latest Pictures

The Living Room This room is basically done except for decorating and adding curtains. The Living Room
The Dinning Room Though the hutch does not match the table and chairs, I still like it. I need to polish the hutch and fill it as well as decorate the table.
The Kitchen I love this kitchen! I still need to add some curtains and maybe more upper cabinets.
I am probably going to add a small table and chairs in the bay window section for the four children who will live here. This will be the families informal table.
This was going to be an office/den, but I think I am going to use it as a guest room, as this big family of six will almost always have family visiting them, probably from my other three modern day dollhouses.
Another view of the guest room. I need to change the bedding to match the room colors and add some items like a lamp and curtains. I also need to add baseboards and a railing for the steps as well as a door.
This is the master bedroom, the parent's bedroom. I got the baseboards all in place, and they are ready to move into this bedroom. Oh, and we will need to add some curtains of course as well as a door.
The Bathroom This room is done except for decorating and furnishing it as well as adding a shower curtain.
The Girls Bedroom I need to add baseboards, finish hanging curtains, add steps and fill in some cracks and spaces where the walls come together. I am going to add a bunk bed for the girls.
The Boys Room Poor boys! They have to share a smaller room, but those things happen in real life, too. This room still needs baseboards, a second door in which to enter and I need to figure out how to fill in the openings in the wall in order to give it a more realistic appearance. I am probably going to use foamboard, but figuring out how to measure and fit it is the challenge!
Second Floor Family Room This area will be used as the entertaining room for the kids and their multitude of mini friends. The family room is mostly done. The room you see straight ahead is the second floor bathroom the kids will all share. It is not complete yet and still a contractor's mess, lol.
Another view of the Family Room Shown in the picture is a small fridge in which the kids are allowed to use in the family room. Boy, these kids are spoiled!!!!


Anonymous said...

The new dollhouse looks great! You have really been busy. I am hoping to come for a club visit soon!

Meli said...

My congratultions for such a lovely house!!! I really like how you did it and the decoration so far!!!

Kim said...

wonderful! I love the kitchen too- so cozy looking!