Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Inside / Outside Project

The club project for the Small World Daytimers Club for December was an indoor/outdoor scene. Everyone came up with a different idea. One lady's theme was gardening, another lady's theme was a bunny birthday party just to name a few. Mine was a mix of romantic indoor and outdoor patio. My new favorite color is pink so I chose pink as the indoor romantic room scene, using things I already had. For the outdoor patio, I hand laid each brick using glue and mortar. Although I did not win the contest for first, second and third prize, I still like my scene and plan to exhibit it this coming summer here in Dayton (Ohio) at the Three Blind Mice Dollhouse and Miniature Show in August.


Kathi said...

How cute! Love the little wind sock and the vine on the side!
Beautiful work!

PAKY said...

Your double scene is so beautiful, I think pink is a good colour for miniatures! greetings

msfierce7 said...

I love this scene! The colors look great. You did a fabulous job with everything.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful mini photos.

Looking forward to the next scene.