Saturday, May 16, 2009

Inside the Alison Jr. Dollhouse Apartment

Above is a picture of the inside of the Alison Jr. dollhouse that I am turning into a small apartment building. I already have several dollhouses and had wanted to create an apartment building for quite awhile. I thought of using one of my small bookcases but none of them fit my requirements. I am doing the hall, living room and bedroom of three apartments. On the first floor apartment lives an elderly lady. She has a lot of vintage furniture. She loves to sew. In her bedroom is a sewing machine and a tall cabinet for sewing stuff. On the second floor apartment lives a single guy. He is a typical young single male who loves beer, sports and music. On the third floor lives a single girl. She has very modern and nice furniture considering she has a good office job. I am not done with the apartments. I still have to finish gluing in trim around the doors and windows and making doors between the living rooms and bedrooms. This apartment has been really fun to do. It gives you a chance to use a mix of different dollhouse furniture by creating different styles.

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Dlsarmywife said...

Susan, what a great idea to turn a doll house into an apartment building! It is looking great!

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