Monday, August 24, 2009

More Garage and Rummage Sale Finds

Route 66 Salt and Pepper Shaker set. I bought this for $5.00 from a garage sale. It is about 1 inch scale size.
This is an unopened Mickey Mouse counted cross stitch with oval frame. The frame is about 2.5 tall and about 2 inches wide. If I can ever figure out how to stitch it, I will hang it in my future toy shop.
I bought this doll at a church rummage sale for 10 cents! She was naked and her hair was a mess. I cut her hair, washed her and put clothes and shoes on her. For some reason, she seems to have one leg slightly longer than the other one. She is about 6 inches tall.
These resin dress forms are about 6.5 to 7 inches tall.
Not sure where I will use this wooden old woman. She stands about 6 inches tall.
This is one of those pencil sharpeners that I painted black and sprayed with a clear matte.


Anonymous said...

neat finds Susan. I realy like your doctors office. It is coming along really well.

Debbie said...

One leg shorter - that's really no problem - she could be Dinah Shore! I don't know if you are old enough to know who she is, but she was a lovely lady who had a talk/variety type show back in the late 60's , I do believe. I used to always enjoy watching her show. It wasn't until years later that I read somewhere that she wore special shoes to hide the fact that she had one leg shorter then the other due to having contracted polio as a child. I'm sure she would be flattered if you were to model your doll after her!