Monday, August 24, 2009

New Project: Doctor's Examination Room

A couple of the ladies in my Small World Daytimers Club made roomboxes from foamcore sheets. We have been given the challenge of creating any kind of room we want and we will have a contest in a few months for the best roombox. I had wanted to do a doctor's exam room and had been saving up items for several months and figured "why not?" I am NOT done with this scene yet, but I will post more pictures when it is completed. I made the scale from a razor as well as the trash can from a toothbrush cover and the sharp container. On the top of the cabinets is a model of a brain. It is actually an eraser I got from a health fair that I painted and glued to a "base" which was a cap from something. Still to make: examination table and x-ray illuminator and a magazine rack. I also need to put the skeleton in the room.


Kim said...

It is looking great so far- really love the scale and what a great brain!!!

Dlsarmywife said...

Fabulous room box Susan!!! Can't wait to see it as you progress on it.